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 Help children through the divorce process.

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Is There Hope For My Marriage?

Ever have those days when no matter what you say, she’s still mad?


Just Celebrate instead?! 

Read further down to find out how you and your children can still enjoy time together making things a little less stressful for everyone. When your ex wife does allow time with the children, have a little fun, make your time memorable.


How to Help Children Through Divorce


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Just Celebrate



If you’ve been divorced and are a male, what are some of the things you did to celebrate with you’re children to help them readjust to the new living accommodations?



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Down Side of Divorce:

What I Would Do Different:

How You Made it Through the Hardest Times:

What You Think About When You Look At or Think About Your Children:

What You Did to Help Your Children Transition in a Celebratory Way:

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